We are going to work through the humanístic integral model, its base is close and very lively, which strenthens the capacities and own needs of the person and facilitates that we have our own emotional tools.

My empathic and close relationship with people, together with the experience of years of my practice of psychological / emotional support, allows a transformative personal work.

As part of my work , I introduce the work model of Mindfulness and compassion.

The word mindfulness, is a translation for the term sati* which makes reference to the capacity of being fully concient of our immediate experience of the present. This capacity of awareness achieved moment after moment, before the experiences is an ability that you can learn.

Mindfulness is refered to the capacity of keeping the attention on what is happening, here and now, and requires doing it withowt judging, and with a kind and compasionate actitude towards this experience**.

The therapy oriented in mindfulness, enables de restucuturing of the pacient with the problem.. instead of directly threatening the leaders of the thought, feeling, or conduct of the inadapted, you try to plant the curiosity and the acceptace moment by moment of the uncomftable experience.

The approach to work in professional care is based on the Professional Care Matrix; a tool of our own elaboration which, with the experience of working in institutions, aims to be a guide for the implementation of professional care, both for the institutions, teams and for the people of the professional collective. The Matrix helps to analyse the factors involved in professional care in order to prevent professional burnout, conflicts within the institutions, as well as the assumption of responsibilities of all the actors involved in the interventions.

*Sati: de la extinta lengua pali, idioma en que se escribieron originariamente los relatos y enseñanzas de Buda.
**D. J. Siegel, Germer, y Olendzki (2009) y R. D. Siegel (2011)

Cecília Gelpí Arroyo
> Psicòloga 11.767 COPC
> Trained Mindfulness Facilitator (UCLA)
> Member of International Mindfulness Teachers Association
> IMTA Certified Mindfulness Teacher, Professional Level (CMT-P)