I offer psychological therapy services and psychosocial support, to people both in the private sector and to people or work teams of social organizations.

My professional experience has led me to work and collaborate extensively with international development cooperation organizations, as well as with national and international social organizations in the field of integration and social inclusion of people at risk of vulnerability and social exclusion.

My interventions are directed to two large colective groups:



I perform psychological therapy focused on different problems. The therapy can be individual or in a group.

All these services are offered in Spanish, French and Catalan, in person or long distance ( either via telephone or Skype).


International cooperation organizations (Humanitarian Action and Development Cooperation) and social organizations that work for the benefit of the Society. Psychosocial services for NGDOs and NGOs: Analysis of needs and context ogether with the organization to assess the suitability of the intervention methodology. Training. Teams supervision.



Master's Degree in Mindfulness-based Interventions

Postgraduate in Mindfulness and Compassion

Making Friends with yourself: Emotional Management and Self-Healing for Youth and Adults and Teens



Course: Caring for carers. Care for carers in situations of political violence and catastrophes.

Diplomado Salud Mental en Situaciones de Violencia Política y Catástrofes

Making Friends with yourself: Emotional management and self-care for young adults and adolescents.

1st course in CATALONIA authorised by the North American creators and endorsed by AEMIND (Spanish Association of Mindfulness and Compassion).

Make friends with yourself is an eight-week training programme designed by the best specialists in the United States, created to help young people and adolescents between the ages of 13 and 19 to manage their emotions during this vital stage of continuous challenges and changes. Through the understanding and practice of mindfulness and self-compassion, you will cultivate valuable skills that will help you improve your well-being.

Cecília Gelpí Arroyo
> Psicòloga 11.767 COPC
> Trained Mindfulness Facilitator (UCLA)
> Member of International Mindfulness Teachers Association
> IMTA Certified Mindfulness Teacher, Professional Level (CMT-P)

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