Because the main value is people, I focus my work in those areas where my experience of years can be an added value, not only for people, but also for organizations or companies. The experience I have in these sectors makes me aware of the difficulties and challenges that exist within organizations and allows me to focus the objective of the demand and optimize time.


Bachelor of Psychology
> UAB (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona).

Máster in Gender and Development
> ICEI (Instituto Complutense de Estudios Internacionales), Instituto de la Mujer.

Diploma in Mentl Health
> in situations of political violence and catastrophe. IEPALA- UCM –Madrid.

EMDR TRAINING (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy). Spanish EMDR Institute.

>Advanced Training in the application of Mindfulness in clinical therapy (AEMIND -Asociación Española de Mindfulness);
> Trained Mindfulness Facilitator –TMF at the UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles-USA)
> Teacher Trainee MSC Mindfulness Self-compassion- UCSD-Center for Mindfulness (University of California, San Diego-USA).
> Teacher Trainee MFY -Making Friends with Yourself-. UCSD-Center for Mindfulness (University of California, San Diego-USA). A Mindful Self-Compassion Program for Teens & Young Adults;
> MBCT (Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy). UCSD-Center for Mindfulness (University of California, San Diego-USA);
> IMTA Certified Mindfulness Teacher, Professional Level (CMT-P)

Yoga Teacher:
> 200h Yoga Alliance. Santa Monica. California

Continuing Education in different areas: mindfulness, gender violence, sexual violence in armed conflict; international cooperation, humanitarian action and international context.



My professional experience in direct intervention as in positions of responsibility in the management of teams have given me the possibility to work, both in the sector of social organizations and in international and governmental organizations.

Throughout my career I have performed psychological interventions in the following countries:

Colombia. Intervention directed to the internally displaced population.
Spain. Gender violence, deprivation of liberty.
Ethiopia. Critical incident.
Guatemala. Returned refugee population
Haiti. Psychosocial support immediately after the January 2010 earthquake. Critical incident and stress management to local and field staff.
Morocco. Critical incident.
Mauritania. Stress management for local and field staff.
Mozambique. Critical incident.
Paraguay Stress management for local and field staff.
Peru. Stress management for local and field staff.
Tchad Critical incident and stress management.
Central African Republic. Critical incident.
Democratic Republic of Congo. Critical incident.
United States (California). Intervention aimed at the refugee population, political violence, gender violence, stress management for local staff.
Sierra Leone. Stress management to local staff.
All of them have in common a component of psycho-social support. In some cases in emergency and crisis contexts. In others, in situations of stress, which may arise after critical incidents or as a result of an accumulation of emotionally difficult experiences to manage.

Creation, implementation and Head of the Psychosocial Support Unit for field staff at INTERMÓN OXFAM (2010-2011)


Between 1996 and 1997, I worked with Ceci for one year in Guatemala. First, providing accompaniment to a community of returned refugees affected by the civil war. And then elaborating an evaluation on international accompaniment to the refugee population and uprooted by political violence. The collaboration with her, which included being 24 hours a day together and sharing risk situations, has been an extremely pleasant experience. His treatment of people affected by the massacres during the civil war has always been of great empathy and respect. Cecilia stands out for its human courage and warmth, its high capacity to listen, understand and understand other people, to support and strengthen them.

Priska Palacios.

GIZ, programa Servicio Civil para la Paz, Ayacucho, Perú, German Development Cooperation

It has been a pleasure to collaborate with Cecilia both for her professionalism and knowledge of the work of psychosocial intervention, as for her personal treatment and her always positive energy even in times and in crisis environments

Carla Uriarte

MSF OCBA. Psychosocial Care Unit for Staff, Doctors Without Borders

As Head of the psychosocial support unit, Cecilia has shown to be a key player in such complex moments as, for example, the support to our teams in Haiti just after the earthquake and during the first months of the emergency. During all this time, Cecilia has proven to be a competent person in her field, with a high capacity for work, decisive capacity and a sense of responsibility.

Francesc Cortada Hindersin

International Director, Intermon Oxfam

Cecilia is a committed and serious professional. While covering the post as head of the psychological support unit, she has always showed very high competencies. Her support has been highly valued by the professionals on the filed who benefitted of her support. I would recommend her and I would work with her in the future.

Elena Sgorbati

Humanitarian Director, Intermon Oxfam

I have come to know Cecilia as a professional with great talents in the field of psychology and mindfullness. Cecilia has remarkable experience working with displaced populations and individuals who have experienced traumatic situations. From August, 2017 through May, 2017 Cecilia facilitated weekly workshops and support groups for families we serve, including refugees and asylum seekers. Her ability to connect with families was extraordinary. Thanks to work, families felt less lonely, isolated or judged. Families also gained a sense of empowerment and control, improved their coping skills and sense of adjustment. I recommend Cecilia heartily.

Lilian Alba

Division Director at International, Institute of Los Angeles

Cecilia has been collaborating with LAFLA since 2015. In this time, she’s been an instrumental volunteer consultant on topics of staff wellness and self-care and in this capacity she conducted a presentation to members of our Asylum Collaborative network, which included public interest attorneys, social workers and case managers from over fourteen organizations in the Greater Los Angeles area. In 2016 and 2017, she assisted us in the development of the curriculum for our new “Know Your Rights” presentation called “Orientation for Young Asylees”, which is conducted in Spanish and presented to new asylees and recently arrived refugees from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. Cecilia’s strategic and analytical view was key to the success of this team effort with our partners in this project (Esperanza Immigrant Rights Project, Kids in Need of Defense, Los Angeles Unified School District and International Rescue Committee) by providing insight on the curriculum development and management. In our last workshop in March 2017, she taught mindfulness to over 85 participants, to made the audience more at ease and gave them tools to center themselves in situations of high stress. While we look for additional funding to sustain these activities, I have recommended Cecilia to other organizations that have been able to hire her to conduct psycho-educational groups in an ongoing basis.

Carolina Sheinfeld

Internacionalista, trabajando en el campo de justicia social y derechos humanos por y para inmigrantes.

I had the opportunity to work with Cecilia during my experiences with Intermon Oxfam in Chad and in Haiti. Even when the psychological support unit wasn’t in place yet, Cecilia offered her expertise and skills in psychological support, beyond her other responsibilities. As head of the psychological support unit, she visited the mission in Haiti, providing high support to the team and to the senior managers in the mission, dealing in unstable environment because of the emergencies. Her work results were highly valuable, sharing tools and methodology to face issues. It was a great experience to work with her and I am highly recommending her because of her high sense of responsibility and high competencies. I wish I could work again with her.

Sanderine Robert

Programme Director SURGE team



La psicòloga Cecilia Gelpi és la nova presidenta d'AEMind
La presidenta d'AEMind parla sobre la seva relació amb Mindfulness, la seva experiència a AEMind, la missió, les activitats i els nous projectes de l'associació.


Nova atenció psicològica urgent en menys de dues hores per violència masclista

La Conselleria d'Igualtat i Feminismes ofereix atenció psicològica en situacions de crisi, amb especialistes que es poden desplaçar en qualsevol punt del país ràpidament


Cecília Gelpí Arroyo
> Psicòloga 11.767 COPC
> Trained Mindfulness Facilitator (UCLA)
> Member of International Mindfulness Teachers Association
> IMTA Certified Mindfulness Teacher, Professional Level (CMT-P)

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